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The WIAC Water Harvesting System has been designed and produced with extensive research and development along with the inventor's experience of over 30 years in the Construction Industry.

Having seen at first hand the problems which occur due to lack of accessible water /quality water supply (due to weather conditions) and associated problems which occur from some treated supplies (i.e. damage to appliances through build-up of lime scale etc.) the first WIAC Water Harvesting System when installed in November 2011 overcame a lot of those issues.

The following are some of the benefits noted from the system so far:

  1. A large volume of water can be successfully retained in elevated storage.
  2. The water can be filtered to a high standard due to the distance of the collection channel from the storage vessels.
  3. There is no need for costly pumps due to the gravity pressure obtained from the system as a result of the storage vessels elevated location.
  4. After a number of months the stored water was tested (with excellent results) which proves that the water remains oxygenated without the aid of Paddles or Pumps but instead by usage and collection method.
  5. There is an additional fire protection added to the building with the water harvesting system in place.
  6. Individuals using the system for personal hygiene commented that it was like "water from heaven" due to the harvested water's pure state ( no ground pollutants.)
  7. With the first WIAC System, the water has been brought to drinking quality.

Now that the system has been officially launched we hope that everyone can benefit from the "heavenly water"supplied by WIAC.

Desmond Glackin - System Designer.

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